Enterprise Search and Data Technologies

Consultation — Innovation — Implementation

Helping you build powerful innovative data driven applications to support your business.

Industry Expertise

Grid specialises in enterprise data architecture and has established itself as a professional, expert services provider. Through collaboration, working alongside a wide range of industries and business sectors – from aerospace to banking - Grid has supported organisations in aligning data management with strategic business objectives including, but not limited to, database design, transformation, migration, search and analytics. Grid’s deep knowledge and well-established suite of skills provides a platform from which to aid businesses in integrating and refining world-class solutions.

In today’s data driven environment, Grid recognises the need for fast and reliable access to relevant data as key to business success, becoming focused on the design and implementation of back-end solutions that provide the core search, analytical and integration capabilities needed for effective front-end, and other data driven, applications.

Business Challenges

Designing a data strategy that successfully integrates business objectives alongside effective data collection and data use is key to business success both now and in the future.

By implementing a well-designed search capability, your business can benefit from being able to present fast, relevant information across your business environment – whether it be to drive forward analytics, or customer-facing websites, to provide a reliable and satisfying user experience.

In our ever-changing world, applications are increasingly made up of distributed services that are accessed over networks. With the enormous benefits of this approach often comes technological and data management complications. A well-designed integration model that uses a reactive design approach can help maximise on performance and scalability offered by the distributed services – resulting in a more holistic and consistent approach, and improved business services and solutions.

Grid Services

From large enterprises to small start-ups, delivering new solutions to market with precision timing is central to today’s competitive environment. Grid will assist you by providing extensive skill and expertise in overcoming business challenges.

Consulting : Grid will provide support, guidance and consulting services focused on your business objectives on aspects including, but not limited to, infrastructure, applications, business processes, technology choices, timescales and costs.

Design: Grid’s deep technological expertise constitutes a collection of HLDMs that describe and propose solutions from a business and technical perspective.

Data Modeling at different levels from conceptual idea to logical and physical design. Using industry recognised tools like Sparx to clarify and communicate solutions to engineering teams and stakeholders.

Delivery: Grid services are both flexible and wide-ranging, including the development of, or assistance in, implementation of a final solution.

Tooling: Grid’s knowledge base extends to a wide range of vendor tools & technologies that include a solid background working with Oracle & MySQL , as well as a number of open source applications. For search and reactive system development, Grid’s specialist area is in using Solr and Vert.X.